Unbelievable Chaos

Biden the Stupid
19 May 2022

By Frederick C. James 

Does this administration care at all about the stress and anxiety the American citizen has endured the past three years? Americans, along with citizens of all nations, suffered through getting Covid-19, seeing family members die of the disease and other sicknesses, experienced government mandated lockdowns and mask rules, lived through six feet apart distance regulations, and had to listen to Fauci and other medical scientist who had no idea how to handle the pandemic. Every week it was a different scientific conclusion and thus different mandates on the American people and American small businesses.

Fast forward 16 months into the Biden administration. Instead of doing everything in their power to help American citizens recover, and to reconcile their mistakes and disinformation from incompetent leaders on the procedures during the first pandemic; this administration has initiated another pandemic on the citizens of the United States: the pandemic of dumbness, infectious dumbness. Conspicuously unintelligent, and actually semiconscious, this so called shell of a president talks through the great Oz of Susan Rice, Ron Klain and others who are unsupervised by any other agency, but run domestic and foreign policy in our once great country. Think about this. It is silent dictatorship.

As a historian of United States History, I have never read, studied, or analyzed a presidential administration as this corrupt, unconstitutional, and arrogant Biden administration. How many adjectives or nouns can I use to give a full thinking description which adequately describes these radical progressive jackasses: nitwits, imbeciles, simpletons, racists, tomfools, morons, backstabbers, miscreants, fifth columnists, saboteurs, and  constitutional illiterates. In contrast think of the great and even mediocre presidential administrations we had in our history and how they handled even more pressing economic, military, or governmental situations. Think of the speeches, writings and actions of Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, T. Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan, or Washington. There is no comparison to the intellectual capacities of these men to Biden. 

A Quagmire of Horendous Policies

Why did Biden become president? He knew he couldn’t handle the job and his family knew he couldn’t handle the job, but yet here we are submerged in a quagmire of horrendous policies created by the administration and nothing is done by Republicans. Something has to be done, or the country will not recover as the democratic republic and military power it once was. Two and a half more years becomes fatal to the country. We are damned by Biden! 

Joe Biden can’t even write a sentence let alone a speech. Every word he says is written by someone else on his staff. The ideas and thinking behind his words are not his and originate from unelected and unconfirmed puppet masters. We will never know for sure who else lies behind their intentional divisions among the American people. For example, who is writing immigration policy, and why are these policies instituted? There remains a literal  invasion of the southern border, endangering citizens in the immediate towns and states, and then there are the drug cartel activities where enemies of the US and Mexico run fentanyl through the open border and the tunnels established through parts of San Diego. Why won’t Peter Doocy ask these questions at press conferences? 

Why are these policies blatantly enforced by Mayorkas and Biden? Do these Democrats behind the scenes plan for a replacement of American citizen voters with foreign born voters who will reward these thieving traitors with future winning elections? The sick man, Schumer, on the Senate floor, outwardly and arrogantly attacked Tucker Carlson for bringing up this replacement theory on his show. So basically, Tucker caused the Buffalo grocery store shooter to plan and pull the trigger killing innocent people. 

19 May 2022
US History Education

The Desecration of US History Education

The only thing the Democrats and their purely evil accomplices in the mainstream media can do is label you racist and then try to shut your opinions and facts down. Tucker Carlson and his staff make up the only show left that produces original and fact based content which informs American citizens on their government so those citizens can vote with real knowledge in their minds at the polls. The mainstream media lies everyday like their puppet masters in the Biden circus. Look at the new press secretary. She is incompetent. She was placed there for her race and sexual orientation. She will, no doubt, be a worse nightmare than Psaki the liar.

The biggest disaster of this administration and its legacy will be its destruction of education for K-12 students. I have seen this first hand in the schools I worked at, and in the curriculum adjustments that have been implemented even ten or twelve years ago. Social Studies, a weak name for a school subject anyway, is now eliminated in most K-5 curriculums. 

U.S. History and Civics need teaching, again, in schools. For students in grades K-10, U.S. History should drive the curriculum and replace Social Studies. U.S. History includes so many events and great people for students to learn as a basis for the culture. In the urban areas of this country, I would conclude that U.S. History has been replaced with African American Studies or the 1619 Project where US History is now distorted and twisted to slavery as the founding of the nation. 

I argued when I was in the educational field, that US History provides a foundation for good citizenship, patriotism, and knowledge on our founding and how the government in a republic operates. This is now intentionally missing from curriculums across the country and it will have detrimental consequences in years to come. The Biden and Obama administrations will receive the blame for this desecration of the American spirit upon our children. 

Why would a president of the United States of America want to destroy his own country from within, especially through corrupting the educational system, but also allowing illegal immigrants to flood the country. Airplanes, buses, and both federal and state police forces transport these illegals into the interior of the country at tax payer expense. Further, the Department of  Homeland Security sponsors all of this in secret. No one is allowed to know why or where these illegals go. 

We are in the middle of Biden induced inflation and gas prices that are unimaginable and this stooge overwhelms the country with more people who, let’s face it, aren’t going to assimilate to American culture or learn to speak English like the legal immigrants of the 18th and early 19th Centuries. The illegals don’t care about our history or language. They will take up more of the cities where ethnic neighborhoods will exist. The native languages will be spoken and English diminished from these areas. It is like this now. All immigrants are not bad people or criminals. Some come here to work and many do work hard to sustain themselves and benefit their new country. 

It is just common sense to protect your own country especially after a once in a century pandemic hit it brutally. 

In conclusion, read the words of our Preamble and remember you are an American citizen with an innovative history like no other: 

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Frederick A. James