The New World Order, The Cabal

20 Aug 2022
Credit. Photo compilation staff.
Credit. Photo compilation staff.

By Frederick James                                     August 21, 2022

Joe Biden remains a disaster as president. Everything his administration and the Democrats in Congress do cause heartache for the American citizen. These imbeciles hurt the American people through their social and political agenda. The administration lies everyday. China, the border threat, endless funding for Ukraine, selling our oil reserves to enemies, and allowing illegals into the country who are on the terrorist watch list. And now to top it off, they want to unleash thousands of IRS enforcement agents on the middle class working people. 

What kind of people blatantly want to destroy the very fabric of America? Why do they want the eradication of their own country? How can they look at themselves in the mirror? 

The answers to these questions lie in the idea and the outright conspiracy of a one world government where the United States needs conformist. According to the website The Awakener: “For hundreds of years the global cabal or secrete groups or planners, that has operated secretly around the world has always fantasized and tried to create World Government. This is so an elite group of businessmen and multinational corporations can control the planet, but most importantly, control you and your family as they enrich themselves. In the current world you live in, there are two major powers.  East and West. In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, the UN Conglomerate was using the United States and its Military to Destroy the East. Today, The UN Conglomerate is colluding with the East, to destroy us, The West. The coincidences are not an accident.  

“Everything you have witnessed has happened for a reason, and in a certain fashion. This is because the truth is unthinkable and the populace was simply not ready to digest the entire truth. This is about a joint venture between the CIA, Russia, China, The Cabal, and The United Nations to do the unthinkable - and create One World Government.   

“Since 1945 America and Israel have been hated by The Communists who have wanted them to perish from the earth. This is about power, control, extortion, bribery, and war.  Most importantly, however, this was about decades of planning.

“Raising the New World Order is impossible unless America undergoes a major revolution from within. The only way the global goals of this secretive elite will be accomplished is to revolutionize the United States of America and her allies.  The first step in the process of raising the New World Order is changing the mindset of the population of America.  This means the training of citizens to the acceptance of this global plan.  Who better to do it than George Soros, his money, and organizations - which have been doing so for decades around the globe. This was a complicated plot, and it meant many steps needed to be enacted. The goal was to create a society that was decimated internally and purposely divided against each other.  

“The training of citizens with communist ideology and propaganda would be paramount. Changing the world's power structure is not easy. A revolution of this magnitude was going to take years to be successful. The reason Soros and his organizations are so successful in enacting revolution abroad is that they work hand in hand with the media and you can see how they work hand in hand with the mainstream media in the US, today. This was the plan to turn America on its head.  The goal was to make America and her allies weak and destitute, divided, and be accepting of a change in the globe's power structure - thinking they were the ones who had done all the evil in the world.  Once this training was accomplished, they would raise the NWO through revolution, and we would be submissive of one world government plans.  

“This would be called The Great Reset. This was about the culmination of decades of planning. This was about the Incorporation of Russia and China into the US Fiscal System. This was about engineering its implosion and subsequent takeover. This is figuratively and literally handing over America to The Communists to create World Government. Exactly the opposite of the UN Agenda in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

It's no coincidence that George Soros came out of the CIA as soon as the Vietnam War failed. Obama was the one who carried out his revolution on the United States.”

The Obama-Biden Plan For Destruction

The deep transformation of the United States occurred under the Obama administration and is deliberately continued by the Biden administration especially through the political weaponization of the DHS, DOJ, and the FBI. In his time as a two term president, Obama’s persistence in trashing the United States on the world stage corrupted the world view of the country. He apologized for foreign policy initiatives of the country. He promoted racial divisions, especially through Michelle Obama, a raw racist who hates the very concept of American society, but enjoys the riches of her donors and mostly white women supporters who purchase her books and join her belief system. Obama dealt with terrorist organizations. The Iran Nuclear Deal and cash payouts of $400 million dollars to Iran, the same country that has sponsored the killing of thousands of American soldiers and civilians. 

Obama spent trillions of dollars like his successor Joe Biden. This increases the national Debt and now Biden does the same thing. Inflation, crushing taxation, stricter tax enforcement, and financial collapse is the goal to weaken the United States so our economic power is relinquished to other countries, especially China.

Obama’s alliance with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or ACORN, helped violate voter registration laws and to bypass the process of political donation limits. He also encouraged foreign donations in our national and local elections increasing the support of progressive candidates across the country. Pelosi, Biden and the Democrats tried to pass a bill which would have destabilized elections through federal control of elections which is a blatant violation of the Tenth Amendment. Obviously, there was widespread election fraud in the 2020 election.

Obama and Biden propagate the victim mentality through equity policies and causing further division between businesses and individuals, saying that the government stands between business executives and the protection of  average Americans. Socialism has become the centerpiece for Obama and Biden through the destruction of oil and gas production at the expense of shoving the New Green Deal down the throats of Americans, while they pay the price of this new deal through crushing gas prices and high inflation all which were preventable. Obama and Biden and their cronies want medical expenses, housing, higher education, food, and  many other things paid for by the government, thus taking incentives to work, away from people, especially young people.

Obama, Biden, and the evil Democrats through the guise of the Chinese formulated Coronavirus, have moved to systematically destroy small businesses, one of the foundations of the middle class, through shutdowns, regulations, and CDC oversight. This one operational device of this team of traitors hits people the most along with horrible gas prices which drive up the cost of food and other commodities in the country. The lower and middle classes feel this economic pain the most. Innovations and great efforts go into American small businesses and it is one of the foundations of capitalism.

Obama, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and the Clintons all have destroyed the faith based ingredient of the United States, Christianity. The rise of the gender forces and in your face policies to accept LBGQT philosophies in teaching gender equality to children will destroy the mental capacities of millions of children around the country because Christian beliefs are absent from curriculums and from millions of households. Moral decay of society along with the partnership of government suppression of Christianity ruins family units. There exists no balance in our society. If you don’t accept these gender policies or the equity policies you are deemed useless to their causes.

Obama started the withdrawal of troops in Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS, and then Biden withdrew from Afghanistan last year causing the reestablishment of the Taliban and their terrorist’s cohorts in that country and throughout the network of the Middle East. Do you remember the  killing, beheadings, terrorist attacks, mass murders, and the subjugation of women by the evil ISIS caliphate.

The last thing to mention about the Obama-Biden team of destruction is the wide open southern border. Thousands of unvetted people walk across the border everyday while these two traitors send billions in aid to Ukraine to protect their borders from the Russians. This is beyond belief. No other nation in the world does this. It endangers the citizens of the United States. The open border encourages terrorists from many countries to come here to create cells of activity which will overwhelm our law enforcement departments and will definitely lead to the killing of American citizens. Drug cartels and human trafficking flourish in this illegal immigrant saturation on the border. There is no country without borders. This is the most traitorous of Obama and the Biden administration’s actions since January 21, 2021. 

Again, why are progressives, Democrats, and Woke groups supporting the division and destruction of American government, social fabrics, religious beliefs, and economic stability? The Democrats and numerous Republican have sold out their belief systems to the Cabal of the Socialist Communists agenda of a one world government. Christianity, if you don’t already know, teaches of these events in the last days of planet Earth. A one world government ruled by an anti-christ who spreads evil among the nations. We have abandoned Christianity, the foundational moral ground for the United States from its conception through the Declaration of Independence. This is a disaster for America. People do not recognize sin.

The Soros factor, the pandemic disaster, the rise of Bill Gates in purchasing farm lands along with China, the puppet factors of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi pulled by the radical progressives, the border factor, the brainwash factor now infiltrated into the public schools where US History is barely taught in elementary schools and in intercity schools where the false doctrines of the 1619 Project have attached themselves to the racist curriculums, the energy factor, and numerous other things we have seen exposed in the last two years all confirm the idea that the United States needs to fall from within in order for the Communist and radical Socialist like the “Squad” to have their way. 

The dumbing down of America is an America where someone like AOC, a former bartender, can breed popularism and a followings of stupid citizens to engage in her fantasies concerning the rule of law and government policies. This is unbelievable. These are the people that will bring about the socialist and communist energies to the brainwashed college factor. This factor illustrates the complete fail for American culture. American Government, US History, and World History will never be taught again for the benefit of the America citizen or for the sustaining of America itself. 

As I read in an American Thinker article by J.B. Shurk, that we need to speak and write in defense of this republic through creating small “brushfires” of resistance no matter how small of a contribution it is. Samuel Adams one of the leaders in our great Revolution stated that, “It does not take a majority to prevail," he once said, "but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

Keep lighting the brushfires which will spread to the big fire of permanent reform.

Great article; well written. We all need to keep speaking truth about what is happening to our country. We never know where seeds will fall and eyes will be opened. Last but not least, God is in control.
Frederick James
Zee, Debra, Paula, Ayn, Suzette, Vernon, Tim, and Lee thank you for your feedback on the article. I appreciate it. Trying to keep up the opposition to this traitorous Biden regime. They are lawless. The Republican do nothing.
Lee jones
Brilliant article, you have covered everything I have seen in the last few years, please make sure this gets out to the population of America, we need brave articulate people like you to save this country
Thank you
Tim Bush
We have been saying this all along. I'm a Veteran and everyday I work at getting the word out, and trying to wake our people up. Great piece thanks I'll use it everyday!!
Vernon Lee Woodard
Great article
Vernon Lee Woodard
I find this article to be on point with everything I have come to believe is true about the state of affairs in America and worldwide. You have done an excellent job at tying it all together for people. We hear about different news stories all the time. But until you understand how it all goes together and the different issues are all related, it’s hard to grasp the big picture.
Ayn marshall
Paula Weston
This is frightening!!! I will never stop fighting to keep the Democrats and their kind out of our Government. It's unbelievable how filthy rich they have become while the average senior person like myself suffers on social security!!!!!
Deborah Payton
This is so correct that I started writing, then I deleted my comments because I thought it might be a Dems setup to destroy people who are out spoken. But in Christ there is no fear. Let us all keep speaking!
Zee C
God Bless you for speaking Truth. I just pray that we can wake up more and more people every day to the horrors these people have long planned for our Beautiful God blessed country.
The only way we can save this country is spreading the truth daily. Be the thorn in their side. You nailed it with your article. Many of us have awakened since 2016 and others before that. It is our responsibility to pass on the truth even if we only convince one person at a time.
Keep up the great work. Be the thorn in their side!
Frederick A. James