Now It’s Democrats v. MAGA - “Raw Reason v. The Weight Of Pure Authoritarianism”

The Devil Joe Biden
The Devil Joe Biden

By Frederick James                               

September 12, 2022

Before he became president and before he joined the future Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln said, “If a man will stand up and assert, and repeat and re-assert, that two and two do not make four, I know nothing in the power of argument that can stop him.” (Lincoln Speech at Peoria, October 16, 1854)

In Lincolns incontrovertible and irrefutable genius from 168 years ago, he echoes the treasonous mind of one of his successors, Joe Biden. This inept president continually argues and speaks as if two plus two doesn’t equal four. He creates problems and then tries to come up with solutions to his own manifestations of problems. Two plus two does not equal four in Biden’s feeble mind. His policies are incongruous with reason and common sense. He is becoming more and more authoritarian. He has manufactured the very problems of the United States through his executive orders.

Gay marriage, illegals’ amnesty, drug taking centers and paraphernalia, no punishments for crimes, terrorists’ entry, LBGQT issues, and trillions in aid to Ukraine dominate his agenda. These issues mean nothing, zero, to middle class working Americans who are destroyed by the Biden inflation, the Biden gas prices, the Biden energy blackouts, the Biden racist policies against whites, the Biden crime family - Jim, Hunter, Jill, the Biden propaganda, the Biden high food prices, the Biden farm land sales to China, the Biden devastation to our farmers, the Biden arrogance, the Biden woke disasters, the Biden compromising of the military, the Biden treason, the Biden gaffes, the Biden lies, the Biden hypocrisy, the Biden war on the middle class, the Biden criminal cabinet, the Biden progressive congress. Here, the weight of authoritarianism pushes on the citizens of the nation through the mindless thinking of the progressives and the disheveled speaker of the House.

The energy policies checked and lost to his executive orders have fed inflation like no other policy. His administration tells him to repeal, through executive orders, over twenty of former President Trump’s energy policies regarding oil and gas; then he and the administration argue that the rise in gas prices is Putin’s and Russia’s fault in invading Ukraine. He and his energy secretary blame the oil companies who cannot obtain new leases for drilling enabling sustained domestic production. They go on propagandized interviews with the Proletariat press, and talk like this all just happened because of world economic conditions when they are to blame for the economic chaos. Biden bows to the murderous regime in Saudi Arabia, who must laugh at him constantly, for an increase in oil production to lower prices. He contacts Venezuela for oil. He shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline which would have brought thousands of gallons of oil to the United States. Canada even asked us to buy their oil. 

The energy policies of this arrogant and spiteful administration cause a rise in every item that needs transporting to stores including food supplies. Every tractor and trailer runs on diesel fuel which is up in price. Common sense dictates that higher consumer prices derive from higher diesel prices. Two plus two equals four. But, not in the puppet’s thinking. He wants to please his power base for himself.

All of this is done in the name of the new god of global warming and environmental regulations. Where does this all add up? On the energy policies alone, Biden argues that two plus two doesn’t equal four. You cannot challenge them. They label you as disinformation. They are authoritarian.

If the 2022 midterm elections bring victory to Republican, then Congress needs to pass a bill which would outlaw so called environmental regulations, on anything, except the obvious hazards to citizens. Gas and oil drilling would be totally expanded for the sake of energy Independence and the consequent lowering of gas and diesel prices which in turn would lower inflated prices. If Biden vetoes the bill, then Congress will override the veto by a two-thirds vote in each house. If this doesn’t work then state conventions need to be called, as Mark Levine has stated, for the sake of passing amendments to the Constitution so this horrendous type of one Party government is prevented from ever trying to destroy the country again.

Biden’s woke agenda is racist. This plan has depleted our United States Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. Lower ranking officers are persecuted for speaking out about programs taught to recruits concerning gender and racial equity, not equality. Recruitment is down. Morale is low. “Equality and equity have the same root, but there’s a significant difference in meanings. Equality involves everyone receiving exactly the same treatment, whereas equity requires fair treatment according to each person’s needs and situation.” ( Thus, the Biden administration labels brown, black, gays, transgender, pedophiles, illegal immigrants, and possible terrorist refugees has needing fair treatment over whites in society. This is all reverse discrimination. The woke agenda has infiltrated the education system with curriculums centered around adult sex themes, gender recognition, the 1619 Project, critical race theory, and many more subjects.

The victorious red wave that will come in November in state and federal elections, hopefully, can reverse these educational policies and make it law for transgender studies to be outlawed from public schools to prevent mental harm to students, who by the way are citizens of the United States. 

The Biden Crime Family / Politico Illustration; NBCU Photo Bank; Getty Images
The Biden Crime Family / Politico Illustration; NBCU Photo Bank; Getty Images

You must show how you know something”

“If a man says he knows a thing, then he must show how he knows it. (Lincoln in a Debate at Ottawa, August 21, 1858)

Lincoln is absolutely correct in this statement. What does Biden know about anything? When has Biden shown or explained what he means by his ridiculous policies? 

A real leader goes forward with a plan then teaches people what the plan entails. Biden lies his way through policies for the United States. He lies about oil and gas, natural gas, climate change, immigration, the economy, jobs, Coronavirus etc…. He is a disgrace to the Office of President of the United States of America. He explains nothing. He articulates nothing. He knows nothing. 

If Biden knew a “thing” about the presidency why doesn’t he show what he knows. Eight years as Vice President and over forty years as a Senator and he still cannot solve a problem for the American citizen. The people of Delaware need to be ashamed of the themselves for re-electing a buffoon as this shell of a man.

You can’t compare this guy with Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, the Roosevelts, the Adams’, Jackson and many other chief executives who empowered the United States. Biden weakens the United States everyday he remains in office. 

I would love to hear his explanation for the open border policy he so arrogantly sustains. For what reasons does he maintain this treasonous policy? Criminals, poverty, pedophiles, drug cartels, fentanyl, child rapist, guns, thieves, abusers, and terrorists all come freely and at the bequest of the president, the imbecile who destroys our nation along with his wife and son. If he sustains an open border policy, let’s hear what he knows about the thousands of critical problems he causes which will burden the country for decades to come. 

The border wall needs completion along the whole border. Immigration laws have to be enforced by the border patrol and ICE without a president, vice President, and DHS standing deliberately in the way and suppressing their own agencies wasting taxpayer money. Mayorkas must be impeached, convicted, and then go to jail for his blatant disregard and dereliction of his duties as Secretary of Homeland Security. What a joke this man is.

Presidents help their country.

Vote in November.

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Pure Authoritarianism 

“There are two ways of establishing a proposition. One is by trying to demonstrate it upon reason; and the other is to show that great men in former times have thought so and so, and thus to pass it by the weight of pure authority.” (Lincoln Speech at Columbus, Ohio, September 16, 1859)

Biden and his administration want to rule by the “weight of pure authority.”

Just sit back from this article and think about how the Democrats, including Biden and Harris, have politically persecuted former President Trump and his family. The Russian Collusion hoax where no evidence was found linking Trump to Russian agents. The Mar-a-Lago search by the FBI illustrates the heinous behavior of Democrats who will do anything they can to prevent Trump from even running as president in 2024. The political weaponization, fostered by Merrick Garland, the most liberal, progressive and racists attorney general in United States history, works for Biden and destroys the justice system extensively.

There were two phony impeachments. Millions of dollars wasted by Pelosi and the Democrats to humiliate Trump. They persecuted his foreign policies, his domestic policies, his stance on crime and labeled him a racist. The Democrats abuse their power of the legislative and executive branches of government to suppress Trump. The staged January 6th Committee and the political persecutions of the people who were arrested and slammed in jail, for over a year. The arrests made of Trump associates proves the argument that “power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Lincoln’s words, if taught in schools, would inspire American citizens to prevent so called leaders like Biden/Harris from being elected.

Lincoln once said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Let’s make this true in November 2022.

Frederick James
Thank you Elaine, James, Mo, Frank and Karen for all your comments on the article. I appreciate it.
Elaine Smith
The truth here hurts because what can we do?? We are under the spell of progressive lunatics who believe they are doing right. You cannot convince them otherwise. Trump was the best thing that happened to our country. We have to prevail in November or were completely screwed!!
James Ford
TRUTH 110% Vote Republican
Frank Vizi
Very good piece! My feelings totally! Thankyou this solidifies my thoughts that I am definetly aware to what's going on.
Karen Hopson
Biden and God-less DC swamp criminals, Democrat
Frederick A. James