The Leftist-Fascist Democrats

24 Feb 2021


By Frederick James

It starts with the political targeting of groups and certain individuals. It creates deliberate and vicious lies about leaders or in this case about one leader. The lies are propagated by the complicit and unmitigated press corp. The press and the politicians engender race blame on white people. One faction recruits allies among corporations, entertainment companies, and social media platforms. That faction doubles down on the lies among its receptive followers. It uses brownshirt (Hitler) and blackshirt (Mussolini) street thugs to “peacefully” protest, but these protest are an excuse to loot, burn, and kill other people’s businesses. It moves to the outright and determined censorship of the opposing political voices mostly because these voices are considered racists. It overturns efficient and fought for immigration policy? Finally, the experiment in a republican government turns Leftist-Fascism. 

It Starts With The Schools And Children 

Most people associate Fascism with Mussolini and Hitler during the 1930’s and 1940’s, that dark period of history which resulted in the Holocaust and World War II. However, with suppression upon the teaching of efficient US and World History content in today’s universities, the graduates of these universities arrived into society and have no idea what the First Amendment or what the Bill of Rights means or know how to complete comparative government analysis. 

They played games conducted in science and math classes in many middle schools and high schools when the core content of US History and Economic principles were left behind intentionally. Many times history is not even taught in elementary schools. 

When I was a teacher, workshops permeated with the idea that the “old” way of teaching was no longer the way to go. It was all about taking the authority and the teaching role away from teachers. “Let the students decide what they learn.” I was meant to feel guilty for trying my best to teach students in a rigorous academic format.

Readjustment in school curriculums prioritizes learning of science and math content as the study of history, economics, civics, and geographic education diminishes in a planned effort to produce citizens lacking in knowing how the US government operates. The Democrats can stretch their plotting into anything they can get away with. Coupled with the idea of equity and more unfair opportunities for black students, the Leftist-Fascist program forces any opponents of their views into a corner. They are rarely challenged.

Shutting Down Freedom Of Speech

Targeted for decades by the left, political conservatives continue to experience even more vicious attacks against their views and against their freedom of speech. The disparaging and maligning of Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Larry Elder, Leo Terrell, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and former president Donald Trump goes on through sustained lies from Democrats and the mainstream media. Conservative groups and institutions like Fox News, Onan, NewsMax, Evangelical Christians, the Epoch Times, the nuclear family, schoolchildren, conservative teachers, the Conservative Caucus, and many other organizations proceed to see the same denigration of their character and dissemination of their whole organizations. For example, the perpetual lie of racism against many of these people and organizations spreads continually.

Russell Berman of Tablet Magazine uses the writings of an early 20th century Polish activist, Rosa Luxemburg, to illustrate the dangers of limiting and censoring speech in democratic government. “The corrective to bad speech is more and better speech, not restrictions on speech. Luxemburg spells this out exactly in what has become her most remembered sentences: ‘Freedom only for the supporters of a government, or only for the members of one party—no matter how many that may be—is not freedom. Freedom is always the freedom of those who think differently. Not because of the fanaticism of justice; because all the instructive, wholesome and cleansing potential of political freedom depends on this feature, and it will be ineffective if freedom becomes a privilege’” 

“Everyone should have the right to say what he or she thinks, just as everyone should have the right to criticize. She emphatically rejects the Leninist dictatorship that persecutes speech and excludes dissenters from the public sphere. Democracy does not need speech police.”

If you watch Joy Reid on MSNBC the conversations often rely on racism and “people of color.” Chris Cuomo on CNN had previously blamed Mr. Trump for every ill conceived political blunder in history. Don Lemon simply states that Mr. Trump was the worst president in the history of the United States without evidence. Erin Burnett of CNN displays a face of hate toward conservative ideas on a nightly basis. Their deliberate lies alienate Americans from the truth. They rarely have conservatives on their programs.  

The Lie Of Systemic Racism  

The press continually fails the American people as an agent of unbiased information. Citizens cannot  become informed about their local, state, and federal governments, for the media remains an absolute broken system. Daily Caller

Throughout colleges and universities across America Fascism casts its shadow. Professors experience intimidating behavior from black militant students who cry racism for the most preposterous reasons like when teachers use certain gestures or examples in class that are deemed racist against blacks.

In her book The Diversity Delusion, Heather Mac Donald states, “College graduates have been told for years that the United States is systemically racist and unjust. The rioters’ nauseating sense of entitlement to destroy other people’s property and to sucker punch ideological foes is a natural extension of this profound delegitimization of the American polity.” Mac Donald continues, 

“The more resources that US companies spend on engineering diversity while global competing firms base themselves on meritocracy, the more we blunt our scientific edge.”

As the targeting of the right and conservatism becomes worse and more frequent, the left seeks to purge the United States of its historical roots. Somewhere, a conspiracy from the billionaires of the radical, progressive, left wing Fascists embeds into the American psyche the fact that all white people breed racist elements, which still holds the country in the grip of “systemic racism.” 

Power and accommodation characterize the new Leftist-Fascist program.

If you disagree you are ostracized and vilified as in the old NAZI regime.

How long will the specter of slavery consume the minds of radical, militant black groups like Black Lives Matter and members of the 1619 Project? How can citizens sit back while the progenitors of this 1619 Project attempt to reshape the United States History curriculums in the public schools. Black intercity schools accomplish this goal everyday. Slavery and particularly film clips from the Civil Rights protests and violence fill the heads of young impressionable minds extensively at the expense of the founding narrative.

Mac Donald writes, “And now that zeal for censoring politically incorrect facts is working its way into the apparatus of government itself. This regulation threatens American society and civil harmony. The silencing of speech is a massive problem, but it is a symptom of an even more profound distortion of reality. This distortion has its roots partly in well-intentioned public policies designed to advance minorities in the American education system, particularly in higher education; the objective failure of these policies has led to ever-more contorted theoretical efforts to explain their failures as the result of systemic racism, leading to an ideology of victimization that largely defines the campus environment today.”

Big Money Allies

From the fear of character assassination by the woke radicals, many companies financially support Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the black and brown shirts of the new Leftist-Fascism. Airbnb, Cisco, Docusign, Doordash, Etsy, Grubhub, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, and Target all contribute to the woke idea of combating systemic racism across America.

Of course the biggest puppet agent of these woke programs is stupid Joe Biden, the illegitimate president. Biden’s executive order, or racist Susan Rice’s executive order says, “As part of the anti-racism initiative, the Biden administration will order every federal department and agency to ‘undertake a baseline review of the state of equity’ and devise a plan within 200 days to combat ‘unequal barriers to opportunity in agency policies and programs.’ Agencies will be required to not only study their own hiring and diversity practices, but must also more fairly disburse government benefits and services to ‘families of all backgrounds.’”

Between LBGQT protective laws and the racist agenda in schools, universities, and in government, the structure of American society converts back into a racist society mostly against white males. Why do kindergartners and first-graders have to be forced to learn about homosexuality? Families control this realm of learning. Why do white students in any grade have to feel guilty for their whiteness? These premises are ridiculous! We can disagree. But, if Leftist-Fascists add more protective laws their opponents will lose their rights.

In the middle of an American pandemic, the Biden Administration allows immigrants to come to America to work so called low paying jobs when thousands of American citizens are without work. His immigration executive orders are causing a disaster for the deportation and child care sectiins of the orders.

The House Freedom Caucus

The Republican Party needs to take drastic action against these Democrat Leftist-Fascist. Law suits can get the offensive moving. Cases appealed to the Supreme Court would attack some of these racial policies and freedom of speech violations.

The House Freedom Caucus is a start. Please support these congressmen and women.

Frederick A. James