How to Destroy a Republic

1 Feb 2020
1 Feb 2020

How to Destroy a Republic

By Frederick James 

February 1, 2020

The United States is on a collision course with history. The Civil War ended 154 years ago on April 9, 1865 with the surrender of Confederate forces to Union forces at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. General Robert E. Lee was out of supplies and out of replacements for his troops. General Ulysses S. Grant had turned the tide, along side General George Gordon Meade, against the Army of Northern Virginia. The bloodiest conflict of our history was over with millions wounded and 620,000 soldiers dead. Places like Manassas, Shiloh, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and Cold Harbor became memorials for thousands of family members who lost loved ones in battle.

Today, Democratic presidential candidates are pledging to Al Sharpton that they would sign a bill supporting reparations for slavery. You know what, Al Sharpton? 620,000 white and black soldiers died in the Civil War because of slavery. About 40,000 black soldiers died for the Union army. Why isn’t this fact ever rendered as historical sacrifice for the institution of slavery? Doesn’t life mean anything to race hustlers of today? It can be argued that many of the white soldiers in the Civil War fought to save the Union from fracturing in the beginning of the war and Southern soldiers fought to keep slavery. Most importantly, in the end, soldiers died and were wounded because of slavery. Consequently, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in the Confederate states and transformed the purpose for the war. 

Certainly, Al Sharpton has no idea what it was like to be a slave, nor do most blacks today. They were not part of the generations who were actual slaves. For example:

The hands are required to be in the cotton field as soon as it is light in the morning, and, with the exception of ten or fifteen minutes, which is given them at noon to swallow their allowance of cold bacon, they are not permitted to be a moment idle until it is too dark to see…. The day’s work over in the field, the baskets are “toted,” or in other words, carried to the gin house, where the cotton is weighed. No matter how fatigued and weary he may be … a slave never approaches the gin-house with his basket of cotton but with fear. If it falls short of weight … he knows that he must [be whipped]. And if he has exceeded it by ten or twenty pounds, in all probability his master will measure the next day’s task accordingly.

Do Democrats hate our history because it happened to be dominated by white men? Do they have any historical knowledge of the Civil War besides slavery? That is to say, can Democrats and radical liberals empathize with people who lived in Antebellum America and during the Civil War? It looks as though they can’t. They ignore the white people who sacrificed so much as part of Abolitionist societies, Abolitionist newspapers, and the Underground Railroad. They really don’t know about the intellectual power and debates in Congress over slavery, and the hundreds of anti-slavery speeches given in churches and halls across the North to stop the spread of slavery in the new territories acquired from the Mexican-American War.

The radical left, socialist Democrats are desperately seeking more anti-Trump and anti-white stereotypes to further their chances of winning in 2020. At every corner they try and suppress the truth concerning issues as race, immigration, medicare, health insurance, and job creation. Meanwhile, immigration is out of control thanks to the incompetency of the Democrats in Congress who think they can just let Trump hatred delay legislation on this most vital of national issues. There is a crisis at the border! The evidence comes in day after day from ICE. Why do Democrats want the US populated with illegal immigrants who are creating a drag on the social and economic systems which works against citizens who really need and deserve the help?

Democrats have not issued a practical bill in the 100 days since they took control of the House of Representatives under the purely incompetent Nancy Pelosi. Additionally, the Constitutional responsibilities concerning Congress are being ignored and the people seem not to care. Where is the outrage from the middle class? Where is the anger from Trump supporters who voted for him to be president over constant barrages of being called racists and bigots by the left? 

Additionally, how is a republic destroyed? Ilhan Omar is the answer. A Democrat and Somali-American from Minnesota, Omar is under fire for remarks she made last month. At a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) fundraiser in Los Angeles, Omar said, that “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) stated that the remarks were “unbelievable. The first member of Congress to ever describe terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 as ‘some people who did something,’” he wrote. Crenshaw lost an eye in fighting Radical Islamic Terrorists who Omar and Rashida Tlaib verbally support. If Muslims are elected to Congress, the cultural basis of the US will be destroyed.

Molly Prince of The Political Insider writes about evidence of this Democratic disaster. “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy challenged Democrats on Wednesday to list the problems, if any, that the House of Representatives has solved under the new Democratic leadership. ‘We are three days away from the 100-day mark of Democrats holding the majority of the House and you can sum up the first hundred days in three words: radicalism, resistance and resolutions,’ McCarthy said during a press conference outside the Capitol Building. ‘I have one question for the Democrats after 100 days,’ he continued. ‘What have you accomplished?’ McCarthy noted the House was scheduled to vote on a two-year budget plan, but that Speaker Nancy Pelosi abandoned the vote after the progressive wing of her caucus demanded more spending on social programs and revolted against the legislation. ’Nancy Pelosi is famous for years saying ‘show me your budget, show me your values,’ but today there will be no budget, and I question what their values stand for,’ McCarthy said, stating that Democrats allowed ‘the socialist wing of their party to overtake it.”

“‘One-fifth of everything we have done on this floor for the last 100 days has been non-binding resolutions,’ the California Republican told the crowd. ‘They took one up on health care that was going nowhere, but think, if we spent one-fifth of our time on lowering premiums, on working to bring greater choice or greater quality. Think if we spent one-fifth of our time to secure our border on the crisis that we have today, or think for a moment that if we spent one-fifth of our time stopping infanticide. Imagine what the Democrats have not done in those 100 days,’ said McCarthy, reminding bystanders that the Senate bill to stand with Israel and end the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement is sitting on Pelosi’s desk. He also added House Republicans have requested unanimous consent on 31 separate occasions to take up legislation that would require medical care for babies who survive abortions. ‘Later today [Democrats] will leave and go on their retreat,’ he said. ‘They have many speakers. They’ve invited celebrities, not to perform, but to tell them what the ‘values’ of hardworking Americans are. Name me one problem you have solved because the direction of the new radicalism, resistance and resolutions is not the direction America wants,’ McCarthy concluded. ‘America deserves better.’”

How can we sustain a republican form of government when the Democratic leadership in Congress and in the party are trying to carry out a coup of the Executive Branch of government? 

When you hear about a coup or a political takeover, you’re usually hearing about a third world country, or to use the President’s term, an S-hole.  But a brand new classified memo about abuse by the Department of Justice and the FBI makes the case that America is seeing an attempted political coup against President Trump right now. Members of congress who have seen this classified document say it shows crimes by members of the Obama administration, where the so called Steele dossier, a fake document paid for by the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton Presidential campaign, was used by the FBI to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance warrant for wiretaps of candidate Trump and President Elect Trump. 

The collusion charge was fake news and fake law enforcement. Congress wants it to go on through wasting more of our tax money on more congressional hearings related to collusion between Trump and the Russians.

Additionally, can you imagine if a reparations law was passed by Congress. Who would pay for this? Who would be paid? How can ancestry be proved in all cases? Would this be a tax burden on whites only? Reverse discrimination is not the answer to racial problems in the US. 

The Democrats are hustlers. They try to sell race, political correctness, flag kneeling excuses, blame for rotted cities, blame for school disintegration, Trump hatred, entitlements, and many other things at the expense of governing. This is fallacious, inconsiderate, and irresponsible. But the more the Democrats and their allies in the press keep on spewing this vile propaganda, the longer it will fester and grow until this republic becomes Socialist. It will be no more.

How can it be that Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are still financially supported in 2019 after years of political, economic and social abuses perpetrated by them and their followers? It is really hard to believe that these liars and economic moochers are still entrenched in American politics where presidential candidates are bowing to their pledges. In the history of the US there hasn’t been such disrespect and ridicule towards a president by these two idiots. Jackson and Sharpton have used lies, propaganda and racism to counter racism against blacks. In reality, their actions have caused more racial splintering and division towards whites and blacks in America.

How have Sharpton, Jackson, Booker or Harris helped their own black communities? Where is the proof of their worth in social activism? Where is proof in California or in New Jersey of any gains for blacks through the governing of Booker or Harris? The questions go on and on, but nobody answers them. 

For the first time, a president has spoken against these types of groups and they are imploding. He has called them all out of their holes where these propaganda machines exist. These political action groups or “factions” that Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote about in the Federalist Papers will ruin the republic. These factions of liberals think they have the only right answer to economic, political and social issues.

The Democrats have become a faction of destruction. Their party and their mainstream media allies have now resorted to more name calling. The new title is “He is a White Nationalist.” According to Tucker Carlson, there aren’t many of these groups in the United States. And, to associate the president, administration officials, and Trump voters with them is a total lie. Real White Nationalists advocate killing, outright racism, curtailment of civil rights, and stereotypical propaganda. Hamilton and Madison would warn against these factions and against factions which advocate Black Nationalism like the Black Panthers.

Communists, Socialists, and Fascists would obviously destroy the Republic of the United States. However, the clandestine and outright propaganda of Democrats and far left liberals will also destroy the republic. Educate, educate and educate some more in the subjects of US History and Civics. Enough with students building robots in their STEM education classes. How about projects in the Constitution?

Stand up and be heard!

Frederick A. James