Brilliance Versus The Dunderhead

By Frederick James

October 8, 2021 

In the history of the United States there arose competent leaders, intelligent founders, military strategists, and political geniuses. The country became a so called experiment in democracy and republican government. Presidents, Congresses, and courts struggled to protect the interests of the United States of America. 

Leaders such as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln manifested intellectual and thus glorious precedents in guiding the republican experiment through various, challenging times in our history. 

Even through a horrendous civil war that tore at the seams of the country, a president struggled through tedious efforts to keep the nation united as one. He poured over casualty lists from now infamous battles: Shiloh, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, and Spotsylvania Courthouse. These should be taught in schools and not forgotten. This president fought for the freeing of slaves, holding in his hands the fate of millions.

Another president had written the Declaration of Independence, represented the interests of the United States in France, drew architectural plans for a college and his own home. He made a purchase which doubled the size of his country insuring borders from ocean to ocean. He protected the new nation from middle eastern pirate/terrorists who disrupted trade in the Mediterranean Sea. 

He was a real intellectual who was able to make informed decisions for the good of the country. He stood up to the British when American sailors were impressed into service for the Royal Navy which eventually led to the War of 1812.

Fast forward to the fall of the year 2021. From a rigged presidential election and from the corrupt bowels of career politicians, we now have a degenerate president void of any intellect or cognitive competence. 

He is a disgraceful plagiarizer bent on extirpating the very foundations contained in the American republic. He wants the ruin of European and Western civilization. 

His handlers use him as a puppet in order to carry out their racist agenda, their educational dissemination of Critical Race Theory, their brainwashing of the military, their lockdowns on civil rights through a pandemic, and their daily propaganda feeds conducted by a low level professional liar, Jen Psaki.

Biden Incompetence

The Biden administration uses the FBI, the Department of Justice and other executive agencies to pilfer the civil rights of white males especially. Members of the administration and leftist members of Congress promote the ideas of anti-white propaganda and the deliberate lie that white supremacist pose the major threat against the government of the United States. 

People arrested on January 6, 2021 still sit in prison after months of incarceration and in violation of their Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights under due process. 

How can the Supreme Court sit back and let these abuses happen? Where is the judicial review of these cases?

Biden and his cabinet of incompetent secretaries botched the withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan. After 20 years of involvement in the country, servicemen and veterans alike along with the American people, have been lied to time and time again by Blinken and Psaki concerning the fate of Americans and the distribution of Afghan refugees into the US. 

The Border Crisis And Loss Of Freedom

The border situation that Biden/Harris created and continually sustain through ignoring press questions is a national disgrace. The Biden handlers want to change the demographics of the United States through this negligent open border policy. The purpose of these policies will result in a citizen replacement effect where more voters for Democrats supplant European Americans.

They lie everyday about the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country. They lie about where illegals are sent in the United States. They lie concerning the states where the illegals fly to at tax payer expense. This president executes laws only of his making. Biden and Harris need to be impeached now for not enforcing immigration laws. Pelosi, third in line needs to resign. 

The whole administration lies and they don’t care because Biden will be done after fours years as president, if he makes it. The only response to the border crisis from the Biden administration is the condemnation of defenseless border patrol agents accused of whipping Haitian illegal immigrants.

The liars: Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and Chuck Shumer all propagate, intentionally, the lie that the border agents on horseback resemble slave masters and overseers from the 19th Century. This argument reeks of political racist propaganda. 

Other groups of people have been treated badly in America, but it is only the black and brown people who matter in cases of bad behavior. Italians, Irish, Jews, and Japanese experienced discriminatory treatment in America but there is no whining from them. 

Invasion Of Freedoms

The middle class in America has to wake up to what is actually happening to citizens of this republic. Calculated attacks from the Biden administration and their army of woke robots continue everyday on freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to own guns, freedom in medical choices except abortions, freedom from invasions of the United States by illegal immigrants who have no rights to be here, freedom from invasions by refugees from countries who have attacked the United States and its citizens, and the suppression of citizen relevance in government that is supposed to be by the people. 

How is it that various individuals from the corrupted Democratic Party have evaded prosecution for their crimes of interfering with elections, selling America out to China, and colluding with terrorists? 

Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, James Comey, and many others still breath free air as the United States falls apart under the same plain stupid Democratic leaders like Joe Biden, a career politician who has done nothing of importance for the country. 

In 2022 and in 2024, citizens have to vote the Democrats out of every office possible. The House of Representatives needs to turn Republican in 2022 where the incompetent, embarrassing, foolish, and degenerate Nancy Pelosi will finally be taken down once and for all from any leadership role in the government. 

A conservative republican president needs to gain power in 2024 or the nation is doomed to the dust heap of history. The republic will be lost forever. 

Democratic governors must be replaced, liberal sick school board members have to go. Educational institutions promulgate the very liberal garbage which ruins the foundational principles of the nation.

Please conservatives, take action!

Sandra Nelson
Our voting has got to be fixed! Democrats cheated not only in the presidential election but also the senate, Congress, and the house. They WILL continue to do this if the republicans continue to allow it!!
Elizabeth Chrissian
you have a well written piece here that sizes up the American Political Landscape very well.
Great blog!! I agree 100%!!!
Great summary of past events to the current debacle. I like the way you think. I concur.
Will Starr
You nailed it. Very well written and made every point.
P Noyes
Conservatives also need to oust the wolves in sheep’s clothing that are republicans in name only doing the democrat’s bidding.
Cynthia Hagan
Thank you, well written article. My question is, short of a revolution how are we going to restore law and order and governance by the people as outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Never in my lifetime have I been so afraid for my children and grandchildren.
Mama Jo
Sadly, everything stated is factual. Add food and product shortages with all around inflation and the disgraceful picture would be complete.
Karen Swanson
I totally agree..this country is so unsafe right now due to Biden and his moronic administration..but what can Americans do right now to save this country? All we have is the vote and who knows how that will go.
Larry Nickell
What action. Can’t even trust our voting system. Our leaders need to show spine and others will follow
Frederick A. James